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About the Versaffix Team

Versaffix manufactures, sells and services a range of tiltrotator products along with complementary product attachments. It offers great service to customers, right on their doorstep.

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UK & Ireland's First Tiltrotator Manufacturer

Versaffix was set up by Gerard Doherty who saw the opportunities for tiltrotators in the ever-changing and evolving construction industry where owners, operators and project managers are looking for highly efficient and safe ways of utilising the most used machine on site, an excavator.

Gerard has taken his experience and research, and the proven concept of tiltrotators in the Nordic regions over the last 30 years, to develop the first tiltrotator to be manufactured in the UK and Ireland.

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We have years of expertise behind us

Versaffix harnesses the engineering experience, manufacturing capabilities and skilled workforce of the family-owned Re-Gen Group. Experience with machinery and construction from Doherty Developments, engineering in Re-Gen Waste, and Lean Manufacturing in Connex Offsite have paved the way for a high-quality product range in numerous industries.

Re-Gen Waste is a major recycling company with an international reputation for supplying recyclable materials to global markets. Re-Gen Robotics is the first and only Zone O EX certified, remote controlled, no man entry robotic tank cleaning company in Europe, and Connex Offsite is a leading manufacturer of bespoke bathroom pods for the residential sector.

Comprising dedicated design and manufacturing engineers and an experienced welding and fabrication team, Versaffix is located close to Newry in Northern Ireland.

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